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Catch people who are secretly snooping and spying on your iPhone or smartphone. The Looky-Looky app provides protection against spy attacks, surveillance and unauthorized access for all iPhones even without fingerprint sensor. It also acts as complementary security feature to the Touch ID on the iPhone 5S, because nosy spies are convicted by photo evidence, who want to access your iPhone in your absence (e.g. while you are sleeping or having a shower).

Smartphones encourage spying activities (due to curiosity, suspicion or jealousy e.g. up to 60% checking the phone of their girl-/boyfriend or spouse on a regular basis). People close to you usually know your mobile phones’ PIN and therefore it cannot fully protect your privacy. Most often a quick glance is already enough and it is known. Even the Touch ID does not fully solve this issue, because after an unsuccessful fingerprint scan, the PIN opportunity to access the iPhone is also offered.

Protect your iPhone and smartphone from unauthorized access now and catch unauthorized intruders in the act, who want to spy and read e.g. text messages and mails in secret. Catch your curious, suspicious or jealous partner, your girlfriend, wife, husband, parents, children, siblings, friends or colleagues. With Looky-Looky you will get the evidence, if someone wants to break into your privacy and whom you cannot trust. Even if you have not anything to hide like sensitive date, an affair, infidelity or cheating, but just do not want someone snooping around in your iPhone and smartphone.

Looky-Looky offers various monitoring services, depending on whether you want to confuse with a fakescreen and record every touch on the screen, deter the supposed intruder with an alarm or whether you want to confront them with your personal video message after the next login. Using the mode “Camouflage”, the Looky-Looky App will be automatically closed after the next unlock and the intruder will be unaware of being caught.

Important operation instructions:

On iOS, an app cannot run permanently in the background. Due to that reason, you have to lay out the bait in the case of a suspicion of espionage and activate the Looky-Looky app with some clicks first, before the trap snaps shut with the next access and login.
The application of the Guided Access prevents, that the Looky-Looky app can be closed with the iPhone Home Button and someone accesses your data (available as of iOS 6). More details are available in our FAQs.
Due to the hardware feature set, iPods may cause some slight performance limitations in exceptional cases.