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Lite vs. Premium?

In comparison to the Looky-Looky Lite Version, the Premium Version includes unlimited evidence photos, the unlimited use of the recording feature in “Confuse”, the alternative unlocking logics for the monitoring mode, the unlimited use of the service “Confront” and additional styles (gold, champagne and black style).

Using the Lite Version, all these functions can be unlocked via Upgrade (paid content). Get 5 more evidence photos by watching ads or recommend the Looky-Looky app to your friends. Purchase all functions and thus upgrade to the Premium Version via ‚Activate Premium Functions’.

The price fort the Lite Version and the extra fee for the Premium Functions amount to the price of the Looky-Looky Premium App.

Please note: the start icon does not change by purchasing ‘Activate Premium Functions’.

How to prevent closing the Looky-Looky App by the iPhone Home-Button?

Closing the Looky-Looky App with the iPhone Home Button can be prevented by using the Guided Access. Go to “Settings (iPhone) – General – Accessibility – Guided Access”. Activate the Guided Access and set the passcode.

Now start the Looky-Looky App, press the iPhone Home Button three times to start the Guided Access.

Now press the Home Button three time again, enter your PIN for the Guided Access and check out „Options“ of the Guided Access in the lower left. You should activate the “Sleep/Wake Button”, press Done “Start” (respectively “Resume”) afterwards.

To disable the Guided Access, press the home button three times again, enter the Guided Access passcode and push “End”.

“CAMOUFLAGE” cannot be used combined with Guided Access. Applying the Guided Access, no prompt of the Smartphone Pin will be displayed.

The guided access also prevents messages from being displayed on the screen.

The function “Guided Access” is available as of iOS6.

How to stop Monitoring Mode?

You can stop and close the „Monitoring Mode“ anytime on your own by touching the display with two fingers for at least half a second.

Alternatively, two other unlocking logics are available: drawing a circle onto the display or pressing the upper left and the bottom right corner simultaneously.

You can vary the unlocking logic in „Settings (Looky-Looky) – Changing the Unlock Logic”.

If you use the Lite Version the ‘Alternative Unlocking Logics’ have to be activated (paid content).

Delete Evidence Data?

You can delete data in ‘Evidence’ by using the garbage can symbol. Click onto the garbage can symbol and choose the entries you want to delete.

Afterwards click onto the button Delete”.

If you delete evidence data, it will always be noted in a new Evidence entry.

You can delete all entries in „Settings (Looky-Looky) – Deleting all Evidence”.

We will inform you if you evidence data contain more than 100 entries. You can delete the last 50 evidence entries. This service can be deactivated in „Settings (Looky-Looky) – Storage-Notification”.

Change Looky-Looky design?

Under „Settings (Looky-Looky) – Changing the Design“, you can vary between the Brushed-Metal, Gold, Champagne and the Black Style.

If you use the Lite Version, the additional styles have to be activated (paid content).

Change Looky-Looky-PIN?

You can assign a new PIN for your evidence data in „Settings (Looky-Looky) – Change PIN”.

The change will be noted with a in a new entry in ‘Evidence’.

How to export Evidence Data?

You can export single evidence data by e-mail. Just go onto the e-mail icon inside the detail view of your evidence data.

Please note: you can only use this function, if an iPhone e-mail account is being used.

No photos displayed in ‘Evidence‘?

If no photos are displayed in ‘Evidence’, the monitoring mode probably has been interrupted too quickly.